COOL STUFF: 7 Photography Hacks

by Corey Rich

My buddy Ulrich Grill started a line of clothing for photographers called COOPH—pretty sharp-looking, modern clothing, if you ask me. And to promote the brand, he has been busy creating a series of educational videos.

Having my own “Getting the Shot” series of video tutorials for Adorama TV, I find myself watching a ton of photography videos: camera launches, behind-the-scenes, and how-to videos to get new ideas and inspiration. Last summer in Germany, I bumped into Ulrich and he mentioned his video series. Well, I finally got around to checking them out and, just like Ulrich himself, these videos are super smart and creative. What’s interesting is that they’re super simple—just music over picture—yet, you still learn a lot. I enjoyed this video the most: “7 Photography Hacks.” Check it out. Share it with your friends. Check out the Cooph gear. And congrats to Ulrich and his team for being so innovative, clever and creative!

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