Building the Longest MTB Trail in the World

Project "Orogenesis" is 95% complete, but the last 5% needs our help to complete

by Corey Rich

Chris McNamara is always thinking big. Over the many years we’ve been friends, I’ve seen him climb new big walls, open new wingsuit jumps, and launch successful new businesses. He’s got the vision and the motivation to execute at a high level, no matter what the area may be.

Lately, Chris has been turning his attention to building new mountain biking trails. He was responsible for helping to create the Lake Trail, a circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe via mountain bike. Never satisfied and always thinking bigger, Chris and Gabe Tiller, the co-creator of the Oregon Timber Trail, are turning their attention to a project they’re calling Orogenesis, a 5,000-mile route from Cabo to Canada.

Learn more about Orogenesis at this website! Here’s an excerpt:

We’re building the longest mountain bike trail in the world. It’s called Orogenesis, and it stretches from Canada to Cabo. Baja to British Columbia. Pericú to Syilx land.

Orogenesis is the geologic process of mountain forming. This process has shaped the western flanks of North America for millions of years—creating the majestic peaks, bubbling streams, and solemn forest groves that we love and cherish. The Orogenesis route winds through these landscapes, painting its story in front of your two wheels whether you’re riding all 5,000 miles or just 5. 

This trail is already 95% complete, and would merely require building the connections between the pre-existing trails to complete this international route! I find this kind of visionary thinking super inspiring. And if you do too, you can come learn more about what it will take to bring this vision to life!

Join us Sunday October 23, from 6-8p at Outdoor GearLab office in South Lake Tahoe to hear more about what could be the most iconic MTB trail in the US. There will be a slide show, drinks, and geeking out on maps. Invite your friends, and come thirsty!

Register here!

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