News: “Can South Lake Tahoe Become Outdoor Capital of the World?”

by Corey Rich

Over the past few years, my friend Chris McNamara and I—as well as many others who share our passion—recognized a sleepy street in South Lake Tahoe that had a lot of potential to become one of the most unique bits of roadway in the world. Ski Run Blvd is about a 1.5-mile long straight shot from mountain to lake, providing easy access to Heavenly Mountain ski resort and Lake Tahoe.

This easy access to all styles and genres of outdoor adventure is the reason that we chose to move our offices to 1111 Ski Run Blvd. We believe that this corner of South Lake Tahoe holds one of the most exciting real-estate opportunities in South Lake Tahoe, and we want to see this street become an emblem of a place where you can do the best work of your life while still enjoying a healthy mountain lifestyle.

Over the past couple of years, Chris and I and many other friends have been working to build more of a community in this area of Lake Tahoe, hosting community events and farmer’s markets, starting up a speaker’s series, and also spending our weekends developing new biking trails and moderate rock-climbing routes that all families can enjoy.

It was really cool to see that the San Francisco Chronicle picked up on this story and featured us in a recent edition of their newspaper. What an honor to be featured here! Read the story here.

I have a lot of friends in the Bay Area, many of whom I work closely with. I always hear the horror stories of sitting in three hours of traffic each day to commute 10 miles across the Bay. All I have to say is, you guys are welcome here in South Lake!

At the end of the day, we’re not city planners, and all we can really do is share the stoke we feel for this neck of the woods and entice like-minded souls to follow this vision. Hope you enjoy this article, and it sparks some dreams of joining us on Ski Run Blvd.!

Speaking of which, Novus is hiring! We’re looking for a Photo Editor / Assignment Coordinator. Check out our job listing and hope to hear from you soon!

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