South Lake Tahoe’s Longest Table Returns!

by Corey Rich

South Lake Tahoe’s Longest Table is returning on the longest Day: June 21, 2023!

Ski Run Blvd is coming for the title of world’s longest dinner table! This annual community event and fundraiser brings out our wonderful South Lake Tahoe community to sit down together for a potlock dinner with friends, family, and neighbors. You and 5 friends can reserve a table for 6 for just $120, and join us in trying to DOUBLE the size of last year’s event!

Here’s how it works:

  • Each table seats 6 people and is its own self-contained potluck so find 5 friends or family to join you.
  • Decide as a group who will bring what: entrées, appetizers, desserts and beverages. (Pro tip: order takeout from a local restaurant to make things easy.)
  • Each table supplies their own plates, cups, & cutlery (compostable or reusable items are recommended!)
  • Pick a theme and dress up! Best costume / theme will win a prize (stay tuned).
  • Ride bikes! Avoid the headache of trying to find parking, and bike to your table.

Last year’s Longest Table was awesome and festive as you can see from these pictures, and I’m so looking forward to this year’s dinner as well, especially because the Gateway Mountain Center’s YEA! Camps will be a beneficiary of the event. This is a really meaningful program that serves under-resourced youth through outdoor adventure and healing from the inside out through inspiring outdoor experiences. It’s a program that Marina and I have been invested in and working on building up YEA! camps because these kinds of experiences have been so important to us personally.

We will continue the tradition of awarding the coveted “best table” award for decoration and energy! Check out @longesttable to follow on social media!

Thanks to Pablo Durano for these awesome aerial photos!

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