Popular Photography Interview and the Nikon Z9

by Corey Rich

There has been a lot of great buzz around the release of the new Nikon Z9—and for good reason. It’s a SICK camera! Any full-frame camera that shoots 8K at 24 fps and 4K at 120 fps, with the best autofocus system I’ve ever used, is bound to get some attention.

I recently did a fun interview with Dan Bracaglia at Popular Photography magazine. They reached out after seeing NiGHT—the film I shot last year using a prototype Z9. And we covered a ton of ground in this interview, including my thoughts on two new Z mount lenses from Nikkor: the 100-400mm and the 24-120mm.

We also discussed photography, philosophy, advice, shooting during COVID, and some upcoming film projects that I’m working on:

In fact, I’ve started working on a passion project: the development of a film about an amazing indigenous professional mountain biker. I will be pursuing that film in the coming years, and hopefully turn it into some kind of feature documentary, whether that is short-form or long-form. So that is also another project that came out of COVID. That said, the world has changed. I’ve been shooting a ton domestically and I’m frankly kind of missing those days of sitting behind Zoom at home and managing my own schedule.

Thanks so much to PopPhoto for the interview. I’m really honored to be profiled by a magazine I’ve been reading for years! Check it out, let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments!



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