Latest Work: Mojo Vision

Helping bring a vision of smart contact lenses to life for Mojo Vision

by Corey Rich

Many of my projects fall into either the category of sports or technology. It’s not often that those two worlds collide, but it’s always a pleasure when they do.

Mojo is a really futuristic company that I think you’re going to be hearing more about very soon. Mojo is making smart contact lenses with built-in augmented-reality displays powered by artificial intelligence that can give you timely information about your location and vital stats, all without interrupting your focus.

Our friend and colleague Cynthia Smith, who runs her own creative agency in Silicon Valley, tapped us at Novus to help Mojo create four sports-oriented videos that will help people see the future they are working to create.

The ask included showing four scenarios in which the Mojo Lens might be come in handy. We came up with scenarios involving skiing, golf, running, and Crossfit. When wearing the Mojo Lens, you can see vital, relevant things such as number of remaining reps in your workout, your heart rate, or even a trail map of where to run—or ski. You can also see information from you phone such as text messages.

We worked with a really great motion-graphics team at Therapy Studios to create the graphics that would best showcase this technology. All four pieces came out really well, but I’m personally partial to the Crossfit segment! Any time you get to use a hazer, lights, and spray oil on people and tell them to work out harder, I’m in my happy place as a director!

It was also really fun work with Cynthia Smith again, with whom I have worked on many, many projects around the world during her legendary career at Apple.

The production was also a bit bittersweet as it was the last one Thea Hardy produced for us before she moved on to accept a new role at Barton hospital in Lake Tahoe (we miss you, Thea!). Also, the ski segment took place at Sierra at Tahoe, which has since been scorched by the Caldor Fire last summer and is sadly closed this season as they deal with burned trees and damaged infrastructure.

Onward, as they say! Like I said, Mojo is a futuristic company with such an impressive forward-thinking team of visionaries and entrepreneurs. We were really grateful to work with them, be creative, and help them share their vision for smart contact lenses.

Huge thanks to the Novus team on the ground: Thea Hardy, Dane Henry, Bligh Gillies, and Sean Davis, as well as our post-production managers Bryan Liscinsky and Dariel Medina, as well as Sean Davis for the edits.

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