Podcast appearances: Nick’s VanCast and The RunOut

Talking about photography on two great podcasts that are now up!

by Corey Rich

I got invited onto a couple different podcasts over the past month, which was super fun and I would encourage everyone to check both of them out!

The first is Nick Sherrell of Nick’s VanCast, who has a unique format in that his camper van also doubles as a podcast-recording studio. He rolled up to my house in his van, with a bottle of whisky, and we got to hang out and talk about photography, business, and making a career out of doing what you love! This kind of door-to-door studio service definitely set a high bar and it was super fun to get to toss back a few glass of whisky and have a great conversation.

You can check out Nick’s YouTube channel here or subscribe to his podcast wherever you get your podcasts!

Next up, my good friends Andrew Bisharat and Chris Kalous, who are basically single-handedly running climbing media these days, invited me on their show The RunOut to debate whether climbing photography is “dead.” The term was used by all in scared quotes, because the spirit of the conversation was more about how technology, the ubiquity of high end cameras in everyone’s hands, the way photographic content is used online often without permission or even credit, and even Artificial Intelligence are all affecting professional photography and photographers.

Has it all been “done” before? Of course! But if you’ve followed anything I’ve written on this topic before, you’ll know I remain optimistic. To quote my old mentor Rich Clarkson, “The future is bright!” That was true when he said it and it’s just as true today.

Again, check out The RunOut wherever you get your podcasts, and if you like their show, support them on Patreon for a small fee every month to get bonus episodes of the best climbing podcast out there.

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