Latest Work: Directing Four New Videos for the new Nikon Z6III

How Nikon's latest offering empowers three professional photographers, filmmakers, and creators to do what they do better

by Corey Rich

The Nikon Z 6III is here and it’s making big waves in the photography and filmmaking community! I am honored that my friends and collaborators at Nikon tapped me to help direct a few short films to support this exciting new camera’s release, beginning with this short anthem teaser. Enjoy and get psyched to create and perform!

I also got to direct three BTS profiles of three incredible creatives at work. First up is Aparupa Dey, a talented wildlife photographer from India. We traveled to India to capture Aparupa at work in a national park filled with tigers. We captured Aparupa creating Full HD /240p slow-motion video and leveraging the Z 6III’s new Pre-Release Capture, speed and autofocus capabilities to make some stunning photographs. “In wildlife photography, patience is key. It’s all about the patience and the dedication.”

Next, Danny Gevirtz takes us into the world of what it’s like to be a one-man band creating films and YouTube videos: doing everything from filming, editing, writing, color-grading, and production to tell stories. He chose a great subject for his video, a profile of the amazing skateboarder Sierra Prescott, whose charisma and unique style just jumps right off the screen. The Z 6III comes in a light, small form factor that makes it easy for creators like Danny to be light and fast and explore their creativity without getting bogged down.

It was super interesting to watch Danny work. He essentially did this whole shoot with one lens, the 24-70mm f/2.8. It was quite refreshing to see what someone can do in the span of a few days with such a small kit but a lot of passion and talent! Check out his final film here:

Last but never least, we captured the great Luiz Claudio working on location in Los Angeles. Luiz is a brilliant portrait photographer from Brazil whose use of colors is next level. “Colors speak, communicate; they awaken feelings you can’t even imagine.” Built in settings like beautiful Rich Tone Portrait and Skin Softening help portrait photographers like Luiz maintain skin texture while keeping eyes and hair tack-sharp, as well as leveraging the brightest viewfinder of any mirrorless camera to date, which helped him see what he was capturing even in the harshest lighting conditions.

The specs on this camera are just nuts given its size, feature set, and price point. Incredible autofocus, 6K/60p internal RAW video, and blazing-fast continuous shooting (up to 120fps!), thanks to a brand-new sensor architecture that allows for tons of very cool, very fast, very high performance features. This is a camera a lot of people have been waiting for!

It was an honor to be tapped by my friends and collaborators at Nikon and K&L to direct these four films to help support another outstanding Nikon camera launch. Huge thanks to the entire NikonUSA team and to K&L, especially our friends Gen, Yoko, and Matt! 

Also, huge thanks to my team at Novus for their excellent work on these films: Brittany Gibeau, Dane Henry, Bligh Gillies, Shawn Corrigan, Leaf River, Andy Mead, Kyle Martz, Sean Millburn, and Bryan Liscinsky.

Check out the Nikon landing page to see more great work created with the Z6III and explore everything this camera has to offer.

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