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Ask Corey

ASK COREY: How do I reprogram my autofocus for sports photography?

Corey, I recently watched your creativeLIVE courses, and in one of your classes, “Make Great  Images with the Gear You’ve Got,” you talked about the AF-ON button. You reprogrammed it? Or what exactly did you do? You were holding it down to focus as … [Read more]

ASK COREY: What do I need to know to get into climbing photography?

Hi Corey! We briefly met following your keynote presentation at Photokina. I’m an enthusiast climber who has climbed around the world: Red River Gorge, Yosemite, China, Thailand, France and the U.K.! I have access to a wide variety of photo gear … [Read more]

ASK COREY: How Do You Stay Creative?

Hey Corey, I’ve been really liking your “Getting the Shot” tutorials for Adorama TV, especially the ones that explore the creative process. I really enjoyed that one where you talk about going to Pakistan and shooting your friends in a snow cave. … [Read more]

ASK COREY: What’s the Secret to Giving a Photography Presentation?

Dear Corey, I see you are constantly giving presentations at events all around the world. I want to become a professional photographer, but I’m much more comfortable behind the lens than up on a stage. Is this a necessary evil to the job that they … [Read more]

ASK COREY: How can I learn more about the way you work?

Hey Corey. I’m working on building a professional photo and video career and already you have been a great resource for information. I’m really interested in learning more. I would love to follow you around and shadow you on a real shoot and watch … [Read more]

ASK COREY: What equipment do I need to start shooting video?

Hey Corey, I’ve been a photographer for years, most recently shooting with my Nikon D800. I think I’m finally ready to “hit that record button,” as you once put it, and I was wondering if you can give me a quick list of the basic equipment I need to … [Read more]