SHABA: Ami Vitale’s New Film on an Elephant Sanctuary

by Corey Rich

I am no expert on elephants, but I do know that they have thick skin and never forget. Best not to mess with them. I also know that my good friend Ami Vitale has long been a champion of their cause, and through her gifted storytelling—which I’ve seen up close first hand on while co-directing a number of projects with her—she has done so much to shine a light on the local communities that are working tirelessly and thanklessly on behalf of these majestic creatures. 

I am thrilled to share the new short film “SHABA” by Ami. The film tells the extraordinary story of Reteti Elephant Sanctuary‘s first matriarch. The Reteti elephant sanctuary is the first ever community-owned elephant sanctuary in Africa. Orphans arrive here as a result of human-elephant conflict, drought-related issues and some cases of poaching. Reteti provides a safe place for injured elephants to heal and later be returned back to the wild.

SHABA is now online and your ticket sales will go directly to support the elephants and their incredible keepers. It is available on-demand from today until August 31. Visit to watch today.

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