THE ALPINIST: Marc Andre-Leclerc

by Corey Rich

My friends at Sender Films just dropped a trailer for their new feature-length film, THE ALPINIST, a profile of the late Marc Andre-Leclerc. Marc was one of the leading alpinists of his time. He and his climbing partner Ryan Johnson died in Alaska in March 2018 when they disappeared on the North face of the Mendenhall Towers, just north of Juneau.

Marc was a mysterious guy–humble, kept to himself, and let his climbing achievements speak for themselves. He was a really bold soloist, who free soloed Cerro Torre, which was an unreal achievement. Like many of his peers, he died way too young because he was doing really risky and dangerous climbing. I’m looking forward to seeing this film because it seems like it will address some of the questions that I’ve always held around risk, and whether it’s all worth it.

Congrats to my buddy Peter Mortimer and the Sender Films team for finishing this film. I’m looking forward to seeing it in the theaters this fall!.

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