Nikon Creator’s Hour with John White

by Corey Rich

When John H. White was a kid, a teacher told him that he’d grow up to work on a garbage truck because he was slow at math. He went home and told his father, who said he should grow up to be his best and to look for the best in others, and if he ever does work on a garbage truck to make sure that he’s the driver.

When I was a teenager, I said that when I grow up, I want to be like John White.

I first met John well over 20 years ago at the first Eddie Adams Workshop I attended. That event was attended by numerous heroes and inspirations, but John was the guy who stood out as being centered, focused, and dedicated in a way that really left an impression. You feel more alive in his presence. He reminds you of the importance of having a purpose. And he’s an incredible photographer who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1982 for his exceptional contributions to photojournalism.

Over the years, I’ve hung out with John numerous times at Eddie Adams Workshops, as well once attending the White House Press Photographers dinner, alongside our mutual friend Mike Corrado.

As part the latest Nikon Creator’s Hour, Mike Corrado conducted a wonderful interview with John, who shares a few of his favorite and most important images and the stories behind those moments.

Please watch this great interview! And thanks to Nikon for continuing to pump out such inspiring content.

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