Pablo Durana: DP for “The Business of Drugs” on Netflix

by Corey Rich

We live in a golden era for media, with more stuff to watch, listen to, read than ever before. Turning on Netflix is almost overwhelming, both in the quantity and quality of fresh content that gets produced. That’s where recommendations come in. So, in the spirit of casually giving you one to watch this month, check out “The Business of Drugs,” a new series exploring the business of six illegal substances.

I make this recommendation because my friend and neighbor Pablo Durana shot on the series. Pablo is a typical director of photography in that he often doesn’t get the credit he deserves, but he’s atypical in his drive, technical skill, and ability to suffer and do what it takes to get the shot. Pablo has a connection to the adventure world as well, and he has been the guy behind the camera on many major climbing expeditions to such far-flung places as Angola and Antarctica.

Pablo has also worked as a DP on numerous other television shows, including the forthcoming “Eco-Challenge Fiji: The World’s Toughest Race,” which, coincidentally, I and select team of Novus photographers also worked on as well. (Stay tuned for more on this project.)

So, congrats to Pablo on doing consistent, great work. Check out his website here. And be sure to add The Business of Drugs to your Netflix watchlist.

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