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Cool Stuff: The Business of Drugs We live in a golden era for media, with more stuff to watch, listen to, read than ever before. Turning on Netflix is almost overwhelming, both in the quantity and quality of fresh content that gets produced. That’s … [Read more]

Cool Stuff: Creator’s Hour with John White

Photo by Mike Corrado When John H. White was a kid, a teacher told him that he’d grow up to work on a garbage truck because he was slow at math. He went home and told his father, who said he should grow up to be his best and to look for the best … [Read more]

Tech Tips: My Shotkit Kit

This post originally appeared on Shotkit, a website featuring photographers and their kits. One of the most common questions I get is, how do you shoot climbing photos? I thought it’d be fun to provide a few gear tips for anyone interested in … [Read more]

News: Lowepro Loweprofessionals Announcement

I've been using Lowepro bags literally since I was in high school. I remember saving up money at age 17 to buy my first Lowepro camera bag to get me and all of my gear out to climbing areas and up onto the walls. Since then, Lowepro bags have been … [Read more]

Latest Work: Siberia’s Granite Cities

In 2018, I joined a climbing and exploration expedition sponsored by Red Bull to explore the Sundrun Pillars, aka the “Granite Cities,” of Ulakhan-Sis, Siberia. I won’t be revealing too much about this expedition now as there will be more content and … [Read more]

News: MORNING laurels

Last year, I worked on a film for Nikon to help launch the mirrorless Z 7 camera. The concept was simple, a way of life for us here in Tahoe: the pre-work workout. The result is MORNING, which has racked up a number of film festival laurels, most … [Read more]