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LATEST WORK: “DEDICATED” Trailer for the Nikon D4s Release

It was a huge honor to be asked by Nikon to help launch the new Nikon D4s. Over the last month, I’ve been hustling with an incredibly talented crew to create the motion campaign that will help launch the Nikon D4s. Nikon developed an incredibly … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Patagonia Catalog Holiday 2013

I was happy to see that the new Patagonia holiday catalog decided to use one of my photos from my recent trip to the island of Malta with Sonnie Trotter, Tommy Caldwell and Becca Caldwell. Upon opening the new catalog and seeing this shot, I just … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Shooting the Adobe Creative Cloud Demo Assets

Last May, Adobe announced the radical, new Creative Cloud: the subscription-based solution to their Creative Suite of software. The announcement was met with quite a bit of controversy and discussion, which was to be expected as this really was a … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Nikon Experience

I was thinking about what experience means today … probably because Nikon just launched a really cool online multimedia campaign called Nikon Experience (#NikonExperience) that features the work of Taylor Glenn, Troy House and myself. So this idea of … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Mazda vs. Kayak’s Campaign: Small-Footprint Production in Action

I’ve learned a few things in the last 20 years that I’ve been working as a photographer, filmmaker and storyteller. But these two realizations rank among the most important: One: There’s great value in knowing how to put together a “small-footprint … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Mammut Alpine Climbing Catalog 2013

David Lama on the cover of the Mammut Alpine Climbing Catalog shown free climbing high on the Trango Tower captured with the Nikon D600 / Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8 I was delighted to open the mail on Saturday and see the Mammut Alpine Climbing Catalog … [Read more]