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COOL STUFF: “@NatGeo”: A Coffee Table Book of National Geographic Instagrams


The first time I ever heard about Instagram, I was sitting in a car with Chris Burkard and Lucas Gilman. “Corey, you gotta get on Instagram,” Chris said.  “Dude, it’s the future,” Lucas said in agreement. I think it was on that occasion that I … [Read more]

COOL STUFF: Last Tree Standing


Each Tree Is Its Own Adventure from Novus Select - Project Archive on Vimeo. Proud to share some of Novus Select’s latest work because it speaks for the trees! “Last Tree Standing” is a new multimedia feature that explores climate change’s effect … [Read more]

ASK COREY: How do I get Music for My Video?


Ask Corey: How Do I Get Music for My Video? Hey Corey! I’m getting into editing video, and one thing I’m puzzled about is how to find music. Do I need to license it? Where do I do that? Very confused, Adam K. Hey Adam! Getting the right music … [Read more]

COOL STUFF: MoVI Pro is Here!


We are really excited today because our good friends at FreeFly have released the most versatile, adaptable, and high-performance camera-movement system ever created: the MoVI Pro. When the first MoVI came to market, it was a game-changing gimbal … [Read more]

STORY BEHIND THE IMAGE: Doubling Down in Lebanon

RedBull - Lebanon
David Lama
Baatara Gorge Climb David Lama, on his first ascent of Avataara (5.14d). In addition to being an art and a sport, climbing is also a lifestyle--one that takes you on crazy adventures to far-flung locations such as the Bataara Gorge, in northern Lebanon.

In the mountains of northern Lebanon is a limestone sinkhole that is simply beyond words. It’s called the Baatara Gorge. It features a pencil-thin waterfall trickling into a misty sinkhole, hundreds of feet below. There are also three natural … [Read more]

NEWS-CRP’S Hot New Ride

Tahoe Grip House
Sprinter Van Photos

  Back in college, I ripped out the backseats of my Honda Civic, threw down a plywood bed, and lived out of my car while I traveled around the country with my camera and a hundred rolls of Fuji Velvia film. Ever since then, I’ve always … [Read more]