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COOL STUFF: Helmets, Face Slaps & First-Class Dog Shit: The Gift of a Good Travel Epic


(Note: this post contains contains some mild profanity and acknowledges the existence of non-marital intercourse. Continue reading at your own discretion.) On my way home from a recent shoot in South America, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a … [Read more]

NEWS: Corey Rich Productions Special Promotion!


We’ve got a special promotion this week at Corey Rich Productions. Our tutorial “Making the Most with What You Got: HD-SLR Video” is on sale, 50% off. Also the first 25 people who order will receive our special CRP "Dehydration Kit,” which includes a … [Read more]

ASK COREY: How do I license my photography?


Hey Corey! Thank you for all the great information and great work that you do! I’m curious about learning how to take the next step with contracts and how I license my photography? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! —Derek That’s a … [Read more]

TECH TIP: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Exploring the Creative Process: Magic Hour


Every day we’re given two opportunities to make good photos look great. I’m speaking, of course, about the Magic Hour—or, the Golden Hour. Whatever you choose to call it, this is the hour of golden light that occurs just after the sun rises, and just … [Read more]

NEWS: Meet The Intern!


I’m excited to introduce our new intern, JT Chevallier. JT’s arrival at the CRP South Lake Tahoe world headquarters is one of those fortuitous things that seems like it was just meant to be. I’ve been hearing about JT for years because he has been … [Read more]

TECH TIP: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Advanced tips for Freefly MOVI M10


It’s a pretty exciting time for small-footprint productions, largely thanks to huge advances in cinematic equipment. Gear has gotten much lighter, way better, and way cheaper. The result is that a guy like myself, along with two of my good friends, … [Read more]