Story Behind the Image: Raising Experience

Corey Rich

Nikon D800 / 16-35mm f/4 lens / ISO 200 / f/5.6 / 1/125th second The best moments of my career have always involved the times when business (opportunities), sport (adventure) and lifestyle (passion) come together—always in some unique way that … [Read more]

TECH TIP: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Glowing Tent Under a Night Sky


Learning to balance two light sources is one of the most fundamental blocks in photography. But once you understand the fundamentals, and know a few tricks for doing so, suddenly all those nighttime hours will open up to you. In my latest Tech Tip … [Read more]

ASK COREY: What’s the Secret to Giving a Photography Presentation?


Dear Corey, I see you are constantly giving presentations at events all around the world. I want to become a professional photographer, but I’m much more comfortable behind the lens than up on a stage. Is this a necessary evil to the job that they … [Read more]

TECH TIP: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Shooting in Low Light


Shooting in low light, especially right before dawn or right after dusk, is one of the most challenging conditions for nailing a technically sound picture. But this is when the magic happens! I’ve always jokingly said that the more you suffer as a … [Read more]

TECH TIP: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Finding Details


With my background in photojournalism, I learned that in order to deliver a complete picture package that told a story, I had to get at least three images: A wide, establishing shot. A medium shot. And last but not least, a detail shot. All great … [Read more]

ASK COREY: How can I learn more about the way you work?


Hey Corey. I’m working on building a professional photo and video career and already you have been a great resource for information. I’m really interested in learning more. I would love to follow you around and shadow you on a real shoot and watch … [Read more]