Watch: Lowepro Photosport III promo video

by Corey Rich

As a photographer, do you count your successes in the numbers of sunrises you get to see and shoot?

Any piece of equipment that makes it easier to spend more time in the places that we love, and during the peak moments of beauty and inspiration, is money well spent.

That’s how I think about the Lowepro Photosport Pro III, a new line of backcountry camera packs that I helped test and contribute to the final design. I’m not only psyched on the final version of these packs,  but super proud of the light-and-fast team at Novus Select that helped create this video, including Dane Henry who shot the video, Bligh Gillies who edited the piece and shot some great BTS stills, Miya Tsudome who did an amazing job assisting the production, and Erika Belis who produced the shoot.

Big thanks to my adventure partners Hallie and Jake for letting me slow you down on our High Sierra tour so I could capture my own set of imagery from this fun trip. Also, thanks to Andrew Bisharat for collaborating with me on the script for this video. Finally, thanks to Lowepro for being one of my longest partners, for giving us a long leash to do something poetic and creative in this video, and mostly for continuously improving your products for photographers and filmmakers everywhere.

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