Announcing the new Lowepro Photosport Pro III

by Corey Rich

I’ve been using Lowepro since I was in college, and they’re one of my oldest partners. So when they reached out to get my help on building a the next generation of camera backpacks designed for multi-day backcountry adventures, I was really excited to be part of the design and testing process.

The goal was to create a backcountry backpacking pack that can easily house all of your camera equipment and keep it accessible at all times. The Lowepro Photosport Pro III has some amazing innovations that will revolutionize this category. First, the packs come in different and adjustable harness sizes, so you can finally get a comfortable fit that carries well even under high loads (the packs come in 55L and 70L models, depending on how much you want to carry). Then, once you get to your camp, a removable camera insert and day pack allows you to go light and fast with just your equipment and other essentials.

Bottom line: this is a dream set-up for photographers who want to reach the most remote wilderness locations and spend the night capturing star trails, sunrises, and stunning locations.

The process of testing and developing these packs was a super fun project because it gave me an excuse to get out and explore my own backyard in the Sierra Nevada throughout the pandemic. It also led to the opportunity for me to make some pretty good pictures, and have some pretty great adventures with my friends.

I’m really proud of how this line-up came together. Thanks to Lowepro for finally giving us photographers and filmmakers a high-tech solution for carrying all of our camping and camera equipment into the backcountry, so that we can do what we love, which is make great pictures.

Big thanks to Bligh Gillies for shooting these amazing BTS photos!

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