TECH TIP: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Finding Details

by Corey Rich

With my background in photojournalism, I learned that in order to deliver a complete picture package that told a story, I had to get at least three images: A wide, establishing shot. A medium shot. And last but not least, a detail shot.

All great stories have great details—and typically, those details are what we never forget. This remains true even when it comes to telling stories with our cameras. In my newest Tech Tip for Adorama TV, I talk about creating and delivering the all-important detail shot while shooting out in the field with my friend and fly fisherwoman Amy McCormick. In addition to sharing which lens I use, I talk about the importance of backlighting, and how to think about your foreground, mid-ground and background.

Whether you’re shooting for your own personal photo album, or delivering a select of images to a major magazine, this Tech Tip will get you thinking about how to better communicate a story that we won’t soon forget.

What lens do you use to capture detail shots? I’d love to see examples of your own detail work, so include an image with a great storytelling detail in the comments section below. Thanks for sharing!

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