TECH TIP: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Creating a Split-level Fishing Photograph

by Corey Rich

Part of the fun of photography is getting out to a great location and not being afraid to get your feet wet—or even your camera. Check out my latest Tech Tip for Adorama TV. In this new tutorial, I go through the fundamentals of setting up an Aquatech Delphin D4 Sport Housing, which I chose because it allows me to access and control every aspect of my Nikon D4s, including the ability to change the zoom control of my lens.

Over the years that I’ve shot in water, I’ve learned a few tricks, some of which I borrowed from my scuba diving background with my dad as a kid. For example, you can spit on the housing and dunk it once under the water (same as a scuba mask) to prevent water debris from building up and interfering with the focus. I go through how to use lube to create a water-tight seal, and also why you will want to shoot with a wide-angle lens in underwater situations.

With the right equipment and creative direction, you’ll no longer have to be afraid to get your feet wet and the result will be some really dynamic images from the next time you head out to the river, ocean, lake or backyard swimming pool.

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