TECH TIP: Getting the shot with Corey Rich: Ski Photography 101, Episode 2

by Corey Rich

In the second episode of “Ski Photography 101,” I continue to delve into the methodology I have relied on to create dynamic ski and snowboard pictures for over a decade. In this Tech Tip, I cover how to communicate to and work with the skier, whether that’s the next Olympic athlete or just your friend or family member. I cover important communication tips and tricks for how to maximize your photographic opportunities by avoiding the lift. Shooting with the razor-sharp, rapid-fire Nikon D4s, I explain the nuts and bolts of what you need to know when shooting in snowy environments, from setting manual exposure to auto-focus. “Getting the Shot with Corey Rich” appears twice a month on Adorama TV. Please subscribe to the Adorama TV channel, where more tutorials like this are posted all the time.

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