NEWS: Corey Rich joins the SanDisk Extreme Team

by Corey Rich

I am proud to announce that I am now officially a member of the
SanDisk Extreme Team. SanDisk, the global leader in digital memory cards, has long recognized that not all professional photographers are working in controlled studio environments. Many of us travel to inhospitable environments (by choice) to capture the perfect image. When working under these conditions, choosing the right gear is essential. The SanDisk Extreme Team is a celebration of “professional photographers whose vision is as uncompromising as their equipment". It would be tough to do my job without the support of SanDisk, as I've been known to fill up more than a few flashcards while on assignment.

Please visit the SanDisk site to learn more about the Extreme Team and see a gallery of my images. As well, watch my video profile, shot while on assignment in Argentina.

Be sure to follow along with all of the Extreme Team Adventures on Facebook!

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