NEWS: Nikon Behind-the-Scenes: Extreme Action Shooting in the Sierra Mountains

by Corey Rich

I’ve been excited to see all the great buzz about Nikon’s Behind-The-Scenes video series, which features quick and informative tutorials from such great shooters as Tamara Lackey and the legendary Joe McNally. Well, I guess it’s my turn to share a BTS tip. I decided it would be fun to spend a day shooting in the high Sierra Mountains with my good friend and professional climber Beth Rodden.

Corey Rich

The story behind this BTS video is that Beth was actually just a month or two pregnant with her first child when we filmed. Pretty incredible! I’m happy to report that not only is Beth doing great, but that she is due any day now. (You can read more about what it’s like to be a pregnant professional climber on her blog series, “Climbing Pregnant.”)

Beth is a trooper, and she grinned and smiled all day long, sun-up to sunset, hiking and climbing for the camera without voicing even a single complaint.

One thing about photography that is so interesting to me is that the methods and techniques I describe in this video about shooting rock climbing really apply to any genre of photography, whether that’s taking portraits of your kids or shooting ocean landscapes. Once you understand the basics such as scouting your location, breaking a scene down, and the more technical aspects of using your camera, that’s when the true creativity is allowed to come into play. Reaching that point is what making interesting pictures is all about.

Corey Rich

Hope you enjoy this video and please feel free to leave feedback on our Facebook page, or in the comment field of this blog. We love hearing from you and take your feedback to heart.

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Dave Katz May 4, 2014 - 1:38 am

Great BTS video Corey. Awesome to see some of your insights to the great imagery first hand. Cheers man!

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