NEWS: Nikon Cinema: A Celebration of HD-SLR Filmmaking

by Corey Rich


It’s exciting, as we move into 2013, to watch Nikon continue to roll out advanced filmmaking tools in the HD-SLR motion world. For both myself and Nikon, it started several years back with the release of the Nikon D90 and has continued to evolve with every new release of Nikon’s HD-SLR cameras. I feel very honored to be part of the new Nikon Cinema website, that showcases Nikon’s top filmmaking tools and was launched last week at South by Southwest (SXSW). My film “WHY” and “HOW of WHY”, which I created with an amazingly talented team, over a year ago to help launch the release of Nikon’s flagship FX-format HD-SLR – Nikon D4, is one of three major features on the Nikon Cinema site. If you’re not familiar with my films “WHY” and  “HOW of WHY”, the behind the scenes look at how we created “WHY”, please visit our motion portfolio where you can view both videos. If you would like to read more about “WHY” and “HOW of WHY”, check out our previous production blog posts: Nikon D4 Project: Part OnePart Two.NikonCinema_BTS

Also, in the spotlight on the Nikon Cinema site are two films definitely worth taking a closer look, created by fantastic filmmakers, photographers and colleagues that I think the world of. Please take a few minutes to check out Sandro’s “JOY RIDE”, created to launch the Nikon D800 and Florian & Salomon Schultz’s film “CHASING THE LIGHT” showcasing the Nikon D600 and while you are there check out the fascinating film made to celebrate Nikon’s 80th anniversary of NIKKOR photographic lenses.

I hope you enjoy the films, now get out there and shoot some motion.

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