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News: Podcasting Through the Book Tour

Writing a book is real work, but once it’s published that’s when the real fun begins. Since STORIES BEHIND THE IMAGES launched, I’ve been having a BLAST talking about the book and connecting with long lost friends on my book tour, all while hearing so much great feedback. I can’t tell you how honored and humbled I feel that so many people have taken the time to read this book. Just speechless.

When it came time to figure what would be my most effective strategy for getting people to get excited about this book, I knew that doing podcasts would be a no brainer.

I’ve been an avid podcast fan for years. I’ve always got a podcast playing, whether I’m sitting on a plane, driving to work, or riding my mountain bike early morning or after work. I have always been drawn to longform conversations—both listening to them and being part of them. And thanks to the nature of the podcast format, we now live in a world where we have this incredible access to thousands of deep conversations with interesting people right on our phones.

I was honored to have a number of wonderful, deep conversations about all of the topics that are most important to me: my approach to taking pictures and telling stories, the importance of surrounding yourself with the best people, the philosophy or running a business, adventure, climbing history, and recounting stories that are not in the book or did not make the cut.

There is certainly overlap between all of these conversations, but they’re also very different and touch on different topics and different angles.

Thanks to all of the gracious show hosts, and long live the longform podcast!

The Enormocast.

Finding Mastery  

Blister Podcast

BNP Podcast

Wild West Podcast

The Candid Frame

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