Cool Stuff: Nikon Z50 is here!

by Corey Rich

People ask me all the time, What’s an awesome entry-level camera to get me into photography and video?

Nikon just launched the best answer to that question. It’s the Nikon Z50, a mirrorless camera that’s fully enabled to capture impressively high-quality stills and 4K video at a great price point (around $1,000 with lens). This camera is going to be living in my backpack!

The other reason I’m excited about this news, however, is that I get to share the work of my good friend Shawn Corrigan, a super talented photographer and director from Los Angeles, who shot the launch video and many of the supporting still images for the Z50 release.

Check out Shawn’s very cool, very fun video that he shot using the Z50 and the Z series lenses. This was another great Novus production that we’re very proud of. Huge congrats to Shawn on pulling this off!

Also, I want to give a big shout out to Jose Borda, a former Novus intern, who shot the BTS video corresponding to Shawn’s film (coming soon). Also, well done Thea Hardy, who led production.

Check out the Z50 on Nikon’s site, and make sure you take time to admire Shawn’s exceptionally strong work.

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