Cool Stuff: Cory Richards (Not Me) Is Newest Nikon Ambassador

by Corey Rich
Nikon Ambassadors: Corey (me) and Cory (right).

For part of my career, there’s been confusion around one of my colleagues who has a similar name: Cory Richards. The confusion, of course, is born out of the fact that we have similar names and often work in a similar genre of adventure storytelling. (FYI: my first name is spelled with an “e” and his last name ends in an “-ards.” )

Cory is an accomplished high-altitude mountain climber who has climbed Everest without oxygen and climbed an 8,000-meter mountain in winter. He is also a photographer for National Geographic.

Over the years, we’ve gotten each other’s checks accidentally mailed to the wrong address, and I’ve gotten phone calls asking for the “Everest guy.” And now, to make it even more confusing, Cory is joining the Nikon team as its newest Ambassador.

Confusion aside, I’m very happy to welcome Cory to the Nikon family! He’s a sharp, motivated, ambitious, and talented guy who will be a great addition to the roster of photographers on the team. I’m looking forward to when we get to do presentations at Nikon events back to back.

Welcome to the team, Cory, and good luck climbing Everest this spring! To follow Cory’s adventures and photography, make sure you follow him on Instagram! Here’s just a small sampling of his great work:

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