Cool Stuff: TahoeLand

by Corey Rich

When I first moved to South Lake Tahoe, I knew this was going to be my home. The access to mountains and lake, bike-riding and skiing and climbing, is simply world class and the community reflects that.

Tahoe has changed drastically since I moved here almost 20 years ago, and not just thanks to changing demographics. Our changing climate is having a huge influence on our tourism-based economy.

These changes are documented in “Tahoeland,” a great podcast from NPR / Capital Public Radio. This season details how Tahoe has changed, and what is in store for the future.

I was honored to be interviewed by show host and excellent journalist Ezra David Romero. My friend Chris McNamara and I took Ezra climbing for the day, and we talked about all things Tahoe while out on the rocks. This appears in the latest episode that just dropped this week, so check it out.

I’ve learned more about Tahoe from this show than I have in the past 20 years of living here! Incredible reporting and journalism all around. Tahoe Land is full of information and stories, and does a great job of outlining both what makes this place so special, and how we are going to overcome some of these big challenges we face as a local—and global—community.

Check it out. Anyone who loves Tahoe, who lives here or who just likes to visit, will really enjoy this podcast. And thanks to Ezra David Romero for including our voices in your report! Next time you want to get out and climb, you have a standing invitation with me and Chris!

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