Cool Stuff: Joe McNally & Fashion Photography

by Corey Rich
YouTube video

“I’ve always felt that when you look at a truly powerful photograph, you are changed emotionally forever. Because they stop the world and make you look, make you think, make you feel.” – Joe McNally

My friend, mentor, and fellow Nikon Ambassador Joe McNally is an inspiring dude. His imagination, skill, and creativity have been driving factors behind his incredible photographs. These traits are on display in this wonderful new video from Nikon, showing Joe at work to create a once-in-a-lifetime high-fashion shot in a museum in Budapest. (Subscribe to Nikon’s YouTube channel).

Given the grandeur of the location, Joe doesn’t half-step here. He brings in the big guns: about 35,000 Watt-seconds of lights, a hardworking crew, a great model, and the Nikon D850. You have to watch this video to see the result, but it’s worth it!

When I finally saw the final frame, I thought, “Damn that’s rad!” The technical execution is great, but the way Joe thinks is just so unique.

That is what it’s all about! Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration, Joe and Nikon!

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