Gear List

by crpweb

My clients expect nothing less than excellence from me. Subsequently, I expect nothing less than excellence from my gear.

When selecting photo and video equipment, my philosophy breaks down into three key considerations.

First I determine what is the exact right piece of equipment for the job. In photography and filmmaking, nuance and detail is everything! That slightly faster lens, the higher-frame-rate camera, the longer-lasting battery, etc.—all have the potential to transfigure a good shot into a great shot. It’s important for creatives to understand their equipment, what it can do, and what its limitations are.

Next I always try to choose the absolute best piece of equipment money can buy. When clients are paying you top dollar to capture that single fraction-of-a-second moment in time, you literally can’t afford to miss it. It’s often (but not always) true that the more expensive a piece of gear, the more reliable it is. Bottom line: sometimes you can’t afford to save money! Instead eat rice and beans for a month and be confident that each time you go to work, you can rely on your tools to tell your story as beautifully as possible.

Finally, I am extremely conscious of finding gear that is “light and fast.” With so much of my work happening in the outdoor/adventure/vertical worlds, I need equipment that is the lightest, smallest, most efficient, and best of its class.

Though I am now proud to be an ambassador and representative for a number of major brands, it’s worth stating that I honestly wouldn’t be working with these companies if I didn’t believe in their gear. I chose them as much as they have chosen me. Please feel free to browse my Gear List, and if you are interested in purchasing any of these items, I would genuinely appreciate it if you used the links I’ve provided as it supports me in return.

Thank you and happy shooting!














lpahd12dContinuous Lighting





Video Equipment 




nksb910afuFlashes & Strobes





ARR-571659Lighting Modifiers





inkme1Audio Equipment















Delphin-D4-frontWater Housings





bg055cxp4mq5Tripods, Stands & other Grip Equipment





lpprlx300_3-1Bags & Cases





acme665lla3Computers, Hard Drives & Software





Printers & Paper