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Ask Corey: Open-Carry Camera Gear

Hi Corey! As photographers, we’re all flying a whole lot less, and doing a lot more road trips. I’m curious to know if you’ve changed your camera kit at all?  Sincerely,  Lucy, from Virginia It’s so true! Local is the new … [Read more]

How We Shot It: Siberia Climbing Expedition

When I got a call from my friend Florian Klinger asking if I wanted to join the first climbing expedition to a remote area in Siberia, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Of course I said yes. Being the first climbers to explore a group … [Read more]

Ask Corey: Best Mirrorless Camera for Low Light

Hi Corey I am in a dilemma and really hope you can help me please. The question I pose is simple – Z6 or Z7? As a cave photographer who shoots say 90% of the year underground for magazines, I rely on a sensor with top-end low light … [Read more]

Ask Corey: Do I Go Mirrorless Now?

Hey Corey. I’m primarily a still photographer, but I occasionally shoot video with my D850 if that’s what my clients want. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless cameras, and now that new Z cameras are here, I’m … [Read more]

Ask Corey: LEDs vs Hot Lights

Hey Corey, I’m a longtime filmmaker accustomed to using HMI fresnels on productions. As you probably know, there are some downsides to working with hot lights, and I’m wondering if you have any experience with LED fresnels? How do LEDs compare and … [Read more]

Ask Corey: How Do You Back Up Your Data? (Part 2)

Hey Corey, Big fan of your work and approach to shooting stills and video. I’m wondering if you could share your thoughts on backing up files and data, both stills and video. Do you have a workflow for when you’re out in the field? What about back in … [Read more]