by Corey Rich

As a guy who used to travel 300 days a year–at least before covid-19–I’m an avid listener of books on tape and podcasts. It’s the best way to keep up on current events, news, ideas, stories, and more while shuttling through airports or even hitting the bike trails before work when I’m home.

That’s one of the reasons I’m psyched to announce that my latest book STORIES BEHIND THE IMAGES is now available on Audible!

I’ll admit that hearing your own stories told in the first person why a professional voice talent, who clearly has never climbed before, is certainly an “interesting” experience. Maybe we can get Timmy O’Neill to read the next audio edition?

I know travel is limited right now, but if anyone is staring down a 9-hour car ride anytime soon, consider downloading a copy of STORIES BEHIND THE IMAGES, audio edition.

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