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Latest Work: Visit Carson Valley

Over my career, I’ve watched media change drastically, and the gold standard of landing a cover of a big magazine has in some ways been replaced with having a really popular Instagram feed. The medium has changed, but the opportunities available only … [Read more]

News: CES Nikon Speaking Schedule

It’s that time of year, and the Nikon family is gearing for the CES show with a packed schedule that include 44 unique programs and 10 powerful panel discussions. As a Nikon Ambassador, I’m honored to be partaking in a few of these presentations … [Read more]

NEWS: Nikon KeyMission 360 BTS We’ve been experimenting with the  Nikon KeyMission cameras from the first prototypes almost a year ago, to the production models that are currently hitting the market. What does it really mean to shoot … [Read more]

TECH TIP: Getting the shot with Corey Rich: Ski Photography 101, Episode 2

In the second episode of “Ski Photography 101,” I continue to delve into the methodology I have relied on to create dynamic ski and snowboard pictures for over a decade. In this Tech Tip, I cover how to communicate to and work with the skier, whether … [Read more]

COOL STUFF: The Passionate People Behind New AU Lookbook

AU, the Aurora Photos lookbook, isn't just a way to share the gorgeous photography of Aurora contributors with potential clients, but it's also a celebration of creativity within the Aurora family. Aurora Photos recently released AU vol. 2, and this … [Read more]

ASK COREY: What’s a good sharp mid-range Nikon lens?

Hey Corey. Do you have a recommendation for a Nikon mount lens, 24-120ish range but SHARP? —@Mlev1968, via Twitter. Sharp? SHARP? What kind of question is that!? All of the Nikkor glass I have is sharp! Two rules when it comes to lenses. One: … [Read more]