Getting The Shot with Corey Rich: “Making The Most With What You’ve Got” using DSLR Video


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Getting The Shot with Corey Rich: “Making The Most With What You’ve Got”  – Teaser Video

Getting The Shot with Corey Rich – Episode 01: “Making The Most With What You’ve Got” using DSLR Video

You don’t need a huge quiver of lenses, multiple cameras, a crew and a Hollywood-grade budget to make your next motion project great. In this 82-minute course, aimed at still-photographer enthusiasts to professionals looking to transition into the motion world, Corey explains one of his most core philosophies: never let your gear get in the way of creating great visual content! Corey shows us his tips, tricks and techniques for doing a lot with a little in order to make some larger-than-life stories pop on the big screen.

Capturing cinematic-quality video has never been easier or more affordable with today’s video-enabled DSLR cameras. But actually pulling off a successful motion shoot is a lot more complicated than just hitting your camera’s “Record” button.

“Getting the Shot” is an informative, new how-to video series aimed at still photographers looking to transition into the world of motion storytelling. These elegant, 60- to 90-minute longform tutorials are designed to fast-forward you past the long and painful learning process, and get you right up to speed so you can start maximizing your DSLR’s potential and produce dynamic still and motion shoots that have a high-production feel.

Corey Rich is a Nikon USA Ambassador and one of the world’s leading commercial and advertising storytellers. An educator lauded for his concise and articulate descriptions, Rich shows us how to take the nuts and bolts of great filmmaking, and apply those techniques to tell great stories.

With today’s clients demanding not just great still images but also accompanying motion spots, “Getting the Shot” is a fresh, relevant tutorial series that will help you maximize your DSLR’s full potential, not to mention learn the production tricks and hardware and lighting techniques associated with high-quality motion shoots.

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