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News: TEDx Talk in Carson City Now Live

I’m not sure whether my recent TEDx Talk on “Embracing Discomfort” was an example of art imitating life, life imitating art, or just brutal irony. But in order to prepare for my talk, I actually needed to embrace not only a healthy dose of … [Read more]

NEWS: Visual Revolutionary Podcast

It’s no secret that I love podcasts, and the Visual Revolutionary Podcast is right up my alley because it focuses on people and their personal stories, and not just what kind of gear they use. When Ric Stovall and Kevin Banker approached me about … [Read more]

NEWS: Welcome, Amy McCormick to the CRP family

Over a decade ago, I moved to Tahoe because it’s one of the most epic places to live for climbing, biking, skiing, running, swimming and adventure. But it was the tight-knit community of like-minded souls that has kept me here for so long. Tahoe is … [Read more]

NEWS: We’re Hiring – New Intern

During his internship here at Corey Rich Productions, Jose Borda jumped into the deep end of our hectic production schedule and kept us all afloat. He traveled all across the country with us, often manning the wheel of the company Sprinter van, from … [Read more]

NEWS: TEDx Carson City

Whisky and index cards are out! I’m finally getting serious about my upcoming TEDx talk in Carson City, Nevada, this week (April 8). Something about this situation feels painfully familiar ... like I’m back in college, frantically cramming for a test … [Read more]

NEWS: Launching Nikon’s New Action Cam: KeyMission 360

By now, you’ve likely heard the news that Nikon has joined in on the action with the KeyMission 360, a new action cam that shoots 360-degree 4K video footage. It was pretty cool for me to stand on the Nikon stage at CES and take a small role in … [Read more]