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LATEST WORK: Climbing Lebanon’s Most Impressive Gorge with David Lama and Red Bull

Every now and then, you come across a photo that you know is going to change your life. It only takes an instant for you to know that you are going to do whatever it takes to get yourself to that location. Then, from that single picture, an entire … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: David Lama and BMW

Most of the professional climbers of my generation would be lucky to get a chalk or shoe sponsorship that would land them some gas money and a few pairs of shoes a year. Today’s professional climbers are landing gigs working with some of the biggest … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Vertical Mapping El Cap with Google

I love my office. It’s not sleek and modern. In fact, it’s really, really old—but it’s made of some of the finest granite on the planet, which gives it a certain 100-million-year old charm. All my friends and heroes are always hanging around. And … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Creativity Beyond the Kit: Nikon D7200 Is Here

Sur Argentina, A Visual Odyssey Behind the Scenes: Sur Argentina, A Visual Odyssey As with all the most interesting jobs of my career, this one started with an out of the blue phone call. I picked up, happy to hear the voice of Gen Umei, my … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Reflecting Back on the Dawn Wall

©Corey Rich / Aurora Photos Seven years ago, my friend Tommy Caldwell asked me to join him on El Capitan. “I think I’ve found a potential new free climb,” he said. “But it’s really, really hard. I don’t know if I’ll ever be strong enough to do … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: The Gift of Stock Photography

One of the things I love about stock photography is the surprise of seeing an old photo repurposed in a new way. After two weeks away on an assignment in Argentina, I returned home last weekend and was delighted to see one of my favorite photos on … [Read more]