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LATEST WORK: Reflecting Back on the Dawn Wall

©Corey Rich / Aurora Photos Seven years ago, my friend Tommy Caldwell asked me to join him on El Capitan. “I think I’ve found a potential new free climb,” he said. “But it’s really, really hard. I don’t know if I’ll ever be strong enough to do … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: The Gift of Stock Photography

One of the things I love about stock photography is the surprise of seeing an old photo repurposed in a new way. After two weeks away on an assignment in Argentina, I returned home last weekend and was delighted to see one of my favorite photos on … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Athleta / Polartec Director’s Cut

For years I’ve been working with Polartec, an innovative technical-fabric company based in the Northeast. Polartec fabrics appear everywhere from socks and underwear to super technical outerwear used by climbers and skiers on the most difficult … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: G-Technology Product Videos

One of the things I love are seemingly impossible challenges, exactly the kind we were facing when we got a call from our friends at G-Tech asking if we would be able to shoot product videos for two new external hard drives. The catch? We’d need to … [Read more]


I think one of the most interesting and worthwhile subject matters to tackle as a storyteller is capturing what inspires and drives the great athletes, artists, musicians, writers and photographers of our time—really, anyone who is both inspired and … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: “DEDICATED” Trailer for the Nikon D4s Release

It was a huge honor to be asked by Nikon to help launch the new Nikon D4s. Over the last month, I’ve been hustling with an incredibly talented crew to create the motion campaign that will help launch the Nikon D4s. Nikon developed an incredibly … [Read more]