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LATEST WORK: CreativeLIVE Action Sports Photography

Passing on information. Sharing knowledge. Being open with all that you’ve learned and helping the next generation push themselves and ultimately raise the bar. That’s what it’s all about. If I didn’t fall in love with photography, I probably … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Nikon SnapBridge

One of the things I love most about my job is that no two days are ever the same. One day, you’re shooting in a wild, beautiful forest, and the next day, well, you’re doing something you would’ve never ever dreamed possible—creating a forest … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: INSPIRED and the new Nikon D5

What a big week for Nikon! I feel honored and humbled to have been part of two major camera launches this week at CES, first the new KeyMission 360, a 360-degree 4K action cam, and now the Nikon D5, the flagship HD-SLR that has become my new … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Climbing Lebanon’s Most Impressive Gorge with David Lama and Red Bull

Every now and then, you come across a photo that you know is going to change your life. It only takes an instant for you to know that you are going to do whatever it takes to get yourself to that location. Then, from that single picture, an entire … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: David Lama and BMW

Most of the professional climbers of my generation would be lucky to get a chalk or shoe sponsorship that would land them some gas money and a few pairs of shoes a year. Today’s professional climbers are landing gigs working with some of the biggest … [Read more]

LATEST WORK: Vertical Mapping El Cap with Google

I love my office. It’s not sleek and modern. In fact, it’s really, really old—but it’s made of some of the finest granite on the planet, which gives it a certain 100-million-year old charm. All my friends and heroes are always hanging around. And … [Read more]