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Continuous Lighting



Litepanels Croma Camera Mounted LED Light

The Litepanels Croma is a sleekly designed, camera-mounted LED lighting fixture that provides Litepanels hallmark soft light with the addition of variable color temperature output.
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lpaengfkaLitepanels Sola ENG Flight Kit

Complete LED Fresnel lighting kit in an FAA Carry-on size case Ideal for news and professional videography, Litepanels’ Sola ENG Flight Kit provides three Litepanels Sola ENG Fresnel fixtures and accessories.
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Litepanels 1×1 LS Bi-Color Daylight to Tungsten LED Light Panel

The 1×1 LS Bi-Color panel fixture offers the same dependable, soft, direction light as Litepanels’ popular 1×1 Mono and 1×1 Bi-Color fixtures, but at a new entry-level price. The 1×1 LS Bi-Color features the ability to dial in color temperatures from daylight to tungsten and anything in between.
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lpa1x1bcledLitepanels Astra 1×1 Bi-Color Light: Tungsten to Daylight

Following the Litepanels tradition of a one square foot form factor, the ASTRA series is designed with select premium quality, high CRI, surface mount LEDs and paired with custom designed TIR optics.
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Litepanels Hilio LED Fixture

The Litepanels Hilio answers the need for a small-footprint LED fixture capable of throwing daylight-balanced 5600deg. K illumination over a 6.1 – 7.6 M (20′ to 25′) distance. Incredibly energy efficient, this high output fixture draws a paltry 125W, yet provides the luminance output of a 1000W conventional tungsten or 650W HMI.
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lpahd12dLitepanels Hilio D12 Daylight LED Fixture

The Litepanels Hilio D12 Daylight Balanced LED Light builds on the foundation of the original Hilio, offering a substantial boost in size, power and flexibility.
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lpasol12dfLitepanels Sola 12 Daylight LED Fresnel Fixture

The Litepanels Sola12 12″ LED Fresnel Light is a 12″ Fresnel light with beam control of 70deg. to 10deg., combined with heat-free daylight-balanced LED lights.
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Lights & Motion Stella Pro 1000

The ultra-compact Stella bests any professional light in its class boasting 1000 certified lumens. Weighing 277 grams (just over 0.5 lb), Stella’s minimal weight is at home on DSLRs as well as professional ENG rigs.
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Lights & Motion Stella Pro 2000

The Stella 2000 sets the new standard of power and portability in professional lighting. It delivers 2000 lumens of light while weighing 504 grams (just over 1 lb) including its integrated Li-ion battery.
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Lights & Motion Stella Pro 5000

Stella Pro is the most compact, powerful, rugged, portable, cord-free LED light in the industry. Stella Pro is a new concept in professional lighting, designed to handle any environment while delivering beautiful cinema quality light.
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856-0490_seca2000e_1Lights & Motion SECA 2000 Enduro

Seca 2000 is the ultimate bike light for dedicated cyclists, whether competing in 24 hour races or sneaking in a ride after work – the Seca’s balance between: brightness, beam pattern, weight and features is unprecedented.                                                                                                           Buy Online >