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COOL STUFF: Moderate Climbing in Tahoe

Local Heroes! Chris McNamara and Todd Offenbacher have been integral to improving Lake Tahoe for years through their respective businesses: Chris with Supertopo, Outdoor Gear Lab and his passion for Ski Run Blvd, and Todd with the Tahoe Adventure … [Read more]

COOL STUFF: The Legend of Fred Beckey

Fred Beckey needs no introduction. He’s the Last Dirtbag, the Original Pioneer, and a Living Legend who has just led one of the most incredible existences that I’ve ever seen. The stories about Fred go on and on and on! He’s also a very dear … [Read more]

COOL STUFF: The Cherry Bowl Experience

I was stumbling around the internet when I came across “The Cherry Bowl Experience” on Vimeo, which is one of the more riveting stories and beautifully shot ski films I’ve seen. In eight minutes, it tells this incredible tale about rescuing four … [Read more]

COOL STUFF: Wynn Ruji’s New Subaru Campaign

I’ve been shooting photos since I was 13, so it’s safe to say that I’ve watched the world of photography and video undergo a ton of changes. Each time there’s a big shift—whether that’s in the introduction of new technology or even how we approach … [Read more]

COOL STUFF: Surfing, Captured From the Air

Some sports are just so visually stunning that you don’t need to ask why someone would ever want to do them. Surfing—the activity in which you stand on a board and accelerate across a massive moving wall of water that’s curling over into a beautiful … [Read more]

COOL STUFF: Ashima and Kai in Norway

Over the last 20 years, a lot has changed in climbing, photography, and life. I started climbing rocks when I was 13 years old, right around the same time I started shooting pictures. Back then, 5.14a was still considered hard, and I was shooting … [Read more]