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Latest Work: International Gymnastics Camp

If I had to pick one sport that everyone should do to provide them with a fundamental understanding of movement, athleticism, and self-discipline, it would be gymnastics.

I did gymnastics as a kid and saw how well that background translated into rock climbing later on. I was the kid in gym class who could do 35 pull-ups, and that, in turn, led to the invitation by one of my teachers to take me and brother out rock climbing for the first time. That invitation changed my life.

Last year, I felt some nostalgia for my youth as I traveled out to the Poconos of Pennsylvania to shoot a promo for the world-renowned International Gymnastics Camp, a summer camp for kid gymnasts.

Though it’s been a few months since this spot launched, I wanted to share it nevertheless. I am pretty sure it’s the most cinematic promo that’s ever been created for a summer camp! Hopefully, it attracts a bunch of kids whose lives will be changed by gymnastics for the better—just as mine was.

Thanks to the team at IGC for this opportunity. Also, thanks for the opportunity to discover that I can still do an Iron Cross!

Huge thanks to Dave Black my fellow Nikon Ambassador and friend, who helped put this together and who also happens to share a passion for gymnastics as well. And, of course, thanks to my own team for the gorgeous visuals and hard work. Hope you enjoy some of these BTS images and please feel free to comment with questions about our production!

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