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Cool Stuff: Candide Thovex Skis Grass

I was hiking up to 8,000 feet with my friends the other day when I realized there was no snow in sight. As we wait around for the snow to return to the mountains to break out our sticks, I was reminded about a video I’d seen a couple of years ago featuring badass freeskier Candide Thovex ripping down some idyllic European grassy hillsides. I looked up the video again, just for fun, and was blown away by just how good this piece remains. Great cinematography, really cool concept, and just an engaging, unique piece. That’s the true test: Is this piece still relevant two years later? The answer here is yes, for many reasons!

Hope you enjoy this throwback. And here’s to hoping for some actual snowfall.  Otherwise, we might just have to learn how to ski grass like Candide …

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