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NEWS: Nikon KeyMission 360 BTS

We’ve been experimenting with the  Nikon KeyMission cameras from the first prototypes almost a year ago, to the production models that are currently hitting the market. What does it really mean to shoot in 360, and what are the potential opportunities or applications for this kind of new technology?

One of the things that immediately jumped out to us is that the KeyMission 360 has immense potential for educational purposes. We are constantly asked questions about your equipment and production. What lens are you using? How did you light that situation? Is that an MOVI M15 or M5? What tripod are you using? And so on. 

We realized that, by including a KeyMission 360 camera into our BTS production, we can provide viewers with the opportunity to find the answers to those questions themselves simply by choosing how they pan, tilt, and scroll through this virtual reality footage. 

Working to shoot the series of KeyMission launch videos earlier this year—the KeyMission promo piece, as well as profiles of rock climber Ashima Shiraishi, photographer Ami Vitale, energy technician Denzil McKinzie, and kayaker Alec Voorhees—has been one of the most challenging, and satisfying, productions of my career. Now, I’m happy to share this first experiment with capturing BTS footage using 360 technology. The honest truth is, this was an experiment. We didn’t invest a ton of time into it, choosing to focus instead on our five main videos. But we wanted to see the potential. And I can honestly say it’s pretty darn exciting. For educational purposes, 360 technology has immense potential. This is the tip of the iceberg, folks. And I’m looking forward to pushing onward toward new creative applications.

Much thanks and huge props to our intern Jose Borda for his hard work editing this piece! Enjoy!

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