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COOL STUFF: The Legend of Fred Beckey

Fred Beckey needs no introduction. He’s the Last Dirtbag, the Original Pioneer, and a Living Legend who has just led one of the most incredible existences that I’ve ever seen.

The stories about Fred go on and on and on! He’s also a very dear friend, who has crashed on my couch and even in my friend’s driveway—like, literally, he just slept on the pavement! Fred has provided me with hours of entertainment through his hilarious stories, and he has given me and many others so many routes to climb and enjoy. I can’t wait to see this documentary on Fred, which was shot and directed by my friend Dave O’Leske. He’s been working on this passion project for about 10 years!

I love his commitment to this story. This could be one of the greatest climbing documentaries ever made. If you care about climbing and storytelling, which are two of my biggest passions, chip in a couple bucks to help Dave make this film great and live up to the man himself: Fred Beckey!


  1. Fred is a legend for sure. Looking forward to seeing this doc.

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