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TECH TIP: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Exploring the Creative Process: Embracing the Weather

We’ve all been there. You’ve planned for a big outdoor shoot with beautiful blue sunny skies only, guess what, the weather gods didn’t get the memo. Bad luck, right?

I say no way. Turns out that what we consider to be bad weather in most situations actually present great photographic opportunities if we keep our minds open and really embrace the inclement conditions.

In my latest Tech Tip for my Adorama TV series “Getting the Shot with Corey Rich,” I revisit a trail-running shoot for Trail Runner magazine that took place many years ago in the Oakland Hills of the Bay Area. I had envisioned beautiful blue skies and the Bay Area in the background. But my original conception was thwarted by dense fog and rain clouds that just wouldn’t lift.

Instead of going to original trail-running locations that would otherwise have those big blue-sky backgrounds, I took the opportunity to head into a dense grove of trees, which might otherwise have been impossible to shoot in direct sunlight. I also chose to embrace the low-light conditions and use an even slower shutter speed to create that sense of motion blur. The resulting image, I think, is pretty unique. But for me, the real take away is that capturing this image wouldn’t have been possible without a little good luck in the form of bad weather. The trick is, be willing to embrace it and get out there with your camera and see what can be done.

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