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TECH TIP: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Advanced tips for Freefly MOVI M10

It’s a pretty exciting time for small-footprint productions, largely thanks to huge advances in cinematic equipment. Gear has gotten much lighter, way better, and way cheaper. The result is that a guy like myself, along with two of my good friends, can go out to some pretty remote, stunning locations and capture video content that would make Hollywood guys jealous.

In my latest Tech Tip for Adorama TV, I delve into how I work with the Freefly MOVI M10, my favorite camera-movement device. This thing is beefy enough to take a bigger camera, like a Nikon D4s or a RED Dragon, and it can be attached to the end of a jib arm or the bottom of a Freefly heavy lifter helicopter.

The way our set works is that Sean Haverstock works as the MOVI operator and helicopter pilot. Meanwhile, myself and Dane Henry are monitoring our footage using two Small HD DP4 monitors. Dane is a master of framing the shot. Meanwhile, I pull focus and direct the entire production.

Thanks to the teams at Nikon, FreeFly, Paralinx and Small HD for empowering all of us to unleash our creativity like never before. Hope you enjoy my latest Tech Tip, and stay tuned for more tips like this on Adorama TV.

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