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TECH TIP: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Exploring the Creative Process: Shooting Low Angles

When shooting pictures, our go-to position is to stand up straight. The downside to this position, however, is that we are capturing a perspective that everyone sees every day.

In my latest Tech Tip for my ongoing series for Adorama TV, “Getting the Shot with Corey Rich,” I wanted to dive deeper into my own creative process, and really discuss how I think about finding new perspectives that will create interesting images. It’s all about working a situation, trying different things and noticing when you stumble upon a perspective or angle that makes you think that this might be something the world has never before seen.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, I used this archival shot of a woman jumping in a sleeping bag over the sculpted sand dunes of Death Valley. (Also be sure to read my Story Behind the Image about this picture by clicking here.)

One thing I’ve realized is that we photographers must always be asking ourselves: Is this picture great? And if not, what can I do to turn this already good photograph into a great photograph. This is the art behind the craft. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding a new way of seeing the world, putting an interesting subject in the frame, and evolving the moment into something great.

What tricks have you used to find interesting and fresh perspectives in your own photographs? I’d love to see examples of your own work, so include an image with a really fresh perspective in the comments section below. Thanks for sharing your own Tech Tip and your great photography!

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