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NEWS: Public Service Announcement

Corey Rich and Chris McNamara support "Leave No
Trace" ethics in outdoor activities and want to emphasize to the BASE
jumping community that BASE jumping in national parks violates these ethics.
The first principle of "Leave No Trace" ethics includes knowing the
regulations and special concerns of outdoor areas that one intends to enjoy.
 In national parks, this includes prohibitions against BASE jumping. We
believe that our responsibility as outdoor athletes includes respecting the
laws that govern the use of our national parks, including the prohibition of
BASE jumping. We also want to point out that such violations are prosecuted by
the U.S. government and can result in a criminal conviction, jail time, hefty
fines and restitution. Additionally, you can lose the privilege of recreating
on the federal lands. We encourage you all to respect the principles of
"Leave No Trace" ethics and refrain from BASE jumping in our national

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